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Cameroon New Video: Babaah Danse (Danse du grand pere)

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Featurist is a Douala -based Afro-pop/rap duo. Their brand new tune “Babaah” is seemingly a potential springboard for them to garner fame as the buzz keeps increasing. The dance moves in the video are quite captivating and hilarious, mimicking the movement of an old man. Samuel Eto’o inspired them massively to create the dance. Remember when Eto’o was described by his former club coach Mourinho as an ageing player who had lost verve, he kept scoring goals and celebrated his goals like an ageing man. The smashing song is a blend of benskin and Afro pop. This is just catchy and very addictive. Cameroon blazing new trends.

GOSSIPS: Petit Pays??? hard-earned 1 million frs stolen.

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According to reports relayed from “Pidgin News” on Equinox TV, Petit Pays’ hard-earned 1 million francs CFA was stolen from his house during the weekend. The Makossa superstar informed the police who immediately arrested and detained the suspect who had less than 100,000 frs in his keeping. Petit Pays ranted bitterly on TV saying he learned of his stolen money from an informant in India. How can someone in India inform him about money stolen in Douala ? . He might just be creating controversy as usual. He however has every reason to be embittered as the money is a result of his hard work. And let’s not forget he’s presently investing on his mansion in Kribi. Turbo ne blague pas avec son argent.

Jay Z's "Made In America" Will Reportedly Cost Los Angeles Taxpayers $170,000.

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The taxpayers of Los Angeles will have to pick up the leftover $170,000 tab from Jay Z’s Made in America music festival, according to Billboard.


Citing an article from the Los Angeles Times, the website says that LiveNation will pay half a million of the total $670,000 cost for the two day festival.


This was Los Angeles’ first time hosting Made in America and the first time the festival expanded from Philadelphia.


When announced, there was criticism that the city wouldn’t be able to handle such a large event, but city representatives think those fears have been dispelled. Mayor Eric Garcetti insists that the festival was worth the cost. He used a report from Philadelphia that says the city made $10 million from the festival. Carol Schatz, head of the Central City Association, said that the value of the festival goes beyond dollars and cents.


“It's about the perception that it generates,” she says. “That L.A. is really the place to do this and the place to do this in L.A. is downtown.”


Kanye West and Iggy Azalea headlined the festival and there were performances from Compton rapper YG and the entire Top Dawg Entertainment roster.

Nas confirms not being able to write rhymes.Did you know?

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Nas recalls being unable to write at one point in his career, says his brother gave him "the first four lines" of "One Mic."


During his appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas over the weekend, Nas confirmed that he did receive his younger brother Jabari “Jungle” Jones’ assistance on his “One Mic” record.


AllHipHop.com reports that while speaking to the audience at the festival, the Queens, New York rapper revealed that he was lacking the motivation to write when Jungle gave him the first four lines to what would become the Stillmatic record “One Mic.”


“Year after year. Another album after another album. Record company bullshit. Life, life. So, I couldn’t write,” Nas said during his Fun Fun Fun Fest performance. “And I listened to what he said, and he gave me the first four lines and then I took it from there. My brother said this—He’s not a rapper, ‘All I need is one mic...’”


Nas’ revelation comes years after music journalist dream hampton accused the rapper of enlisting Jay Electronica and stic.man as ghostwriters on his Untitled album.


In response to the rumors, Nas fired back with his newly-released record, “The Season.” On the J Dilla-produced record, Nas raps:


“Jay Elec doesn't write it / HOV couldn't write it, he vacationin' / Jungle the only brother I take shit from / Hassan give me lines, we talk all the time / So I guess if he inspired my song it ain't mine.”

Jay Z vs DMX battle hidden story!!!

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Ruff Ryders co-founder Joquin “Waah” Dean spoke with The Combat Jack Show and described his journey through Hip Hop. In the interview posted yesterday (November 11), he remembers a battle between DMX and Jay Z before either of them were famous.


“They reached out,” Waah says, “and told us, ‘Yo the Original Flavor cats wanna come and wanna battle and they wanna bring Jay Z to the table.’”


Waah was mentoring DMX and says he wasn’t familiar with Jay Z at the time, but his group the Harlem Knights was always ready for a challenge.


“We wasn’t really focusing on nobody really like that,” he says. “We battled everybody. It didn’t make no difference who was at the table, we just was gonna show up.”


DMX drove four hours from Baltimore to join the Harlem Knights for the battle.


“We gonna have to do it in neutral grounds,” Waah remembers. “Let’s do it in the territory, the birth of Hip Hop. Let’s go in the Bronx. So we did it there.”


It was in “a creepy block” at a pool hall and the rappers stood on a single pool table. Dame Dash and Waah’s brother and Ruff Ryders co-founder Darrin “Dee” Dean were in attendance. Nobody was allowed to film, but Waah describes a scene that Combat Jack says would have been World Star worthy.


“My guys they was waving guns,” Waah says. “It was crazy up in that joint. It was all part of the element.”


There was no clear winner of the battle and it is often considered a lost treasure of Hip Hop history.


“It was just that a lot of niggas is just talking and we wanted to know who was the best,” Waah says, “so we just wanted to put it to rest.”


He continues by explaining that even though the two rappers were unknown at the time, this was probably a point where they gained mutual respect for each other.


“That’s where it set the tone,” he says. “Because true talent know true talent when they see it. It’s raw. It’s real, nothing fake about it.”

50 Cent Discusses Kanye West's Fashion Industry Ambitions.

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50 Cent Discusses Kanye West's Fashion Industry Ambitions


50 Cent adds on to comments he made earlier this year about Kanye West trying to break into the fashion world.


Appearing in Lower Manhattan to promote a new Century 21 charity single on which he appears, 50 Cent expanded on comments he made earlier this year about Kanye West’s foray into the high-fashion world.


In January, 50 addressed Kanye’s recent fashion industry moves and touched on the difficulty of breaking into the business in an interview with XXL.


“In Kanye’s case, wanting to be a part of high-end fashion, that’s a process,” he said at the time. “It’s not something that just happens. It’s like—they’re not gonna allow you to tomorrow wake up and say, ‘This idea, that idea. This idea and I’m in and I’m hot.'"


Speaking with Fashionista from the Century 21 benefit event, 50 added on, noting that high-end designers who “have been passionate about [fashion] for a very long time and worked to get to where they are are not prone to just letting people come in and just turning into a big deal.”


"There are really talented people [already in the business] and it kind of irks them that the person who’s been receiving the opportunity — that they really want and have been working, preparing for it for a long time — just comes out of somewhere else,” he said of the industry’s reaction to Kanye West.


During the event, 50 Cent also spoke briefly about his own possible future in fashion. "Maybe I’ll go back into something that’s a little more niche and not so mass for the clothing," he said, likely referencing his past collaboration with Mark Ecko on G-Unit Clothing. "I think it’s interesting when you make wild choices and I have people who are supportive because they are actually into those ideas, instead of with trend cool."


"I would just work with someone," he added. "I’d get the person who does not have the opportunity or the financial support around at that point and that has been in that [niche] club and consistent [in design] for a long period of time."


While at the event, 50 was asked about his outfit and apparently couldn’t name any of the labels before admitting with a laugh, "A lot of times I’m not even dressing myself.”


50 Cent collaborated with Century 21 owner and occasional musician Eddie Gindi on a song called “Century Love” for the brand’s new partnership with the non-profit organization Tuesday’s Children. The organization as well as the new partnership were established to provide support for families impacted by the 9/11 attacks. The song, which was released by Gindi’s band Men In My Head, is available for purchase in the department store with all profits going to Tuesday’s Children.

Nicki Minaj Explains Why She & Lil Wayne Never Had Sex

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Nicki Minaj hosted the MTV 2014 EMAs in Glasgow, Scotland yesterday (November 9) and used the platform to deliver new material.


“I made up a dope new rap just for you Scots,” the YMCMB rapper said.


Nicki Minaj then rhymed about her label boss, Lil Wayne.


“I never [fucked] Wayne 'cause he’s not a Scot,” Nicki Minaj rapped. "The other reason is I’m not a thot.”


In addition to hosting he twentieth anniversary edition of the EMAs, Nicki Minaj won in the “Best Hip Hop” category, in part because of her “Anaconda” single.


The song is slated to appear on Nicki MInaj’s The Pinkprint album, which is set for a December 15 release.